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"After owning many different major chassis brands over the last 40 years of our family's racing operation.  Lazer Chassis are by far the best chassis we have ever owned.  With customer service that other chassis brands can not even come close to matching.  With the inhouse shock program the information for their customers is almost endless.  The craftsmanship of these cars are by far the best in any chassis we have ever owned.  Lazer Chassis are the most racer friendly car on the market.  We found instant success in these cars winning the first night out in the car with ZERO adjustments from the time we unloaded until the checkered flag fell at the end of the night.  The area we are in the South Eastern US they are very few of these cars but trust us when we say this if you ever own or drive one you will never own any other chassis brand we know we wont.  We will gladly talk to anyone who may be on the fence in the South East about one of these amazing cars we can guarantee you will not regret the decision."

Jacob Martin
Martin Family Racing
Ron Parker-Driver




"We met Jim at PRI 2019 while looking for a chassis company to represent as a dealer going into the future. We had been actively searching for the right product and company for several months, with our main focus being craftsmanship and consistency. After looking at a wide array of dirt late model chassis, Lazer stood out as the best built chassis we had seen. You could pass the welds off for robotic, and the thought that has gone into the design and innovation found in their chassis is second to none. They have produced a chassis that is incredibly efficient to assemble, tune, and race." 

"Just from the pure lack of their cars in our area, we were a little skeptical as to how they would perform on the tracks in the southeast. Jim was the perfect amount of confident to get us over the fence. We attended their open house and chassis seminar in January and knew immediately that the Bernheisel family was who we wanted to do business with."

"We just barely got our car assembled in time to make the last race before everything shut down. Going straight out of the setup book, with a couple minor adjustments in anticipation of our track conditions, we sat on the pole by .300 and ran away with the race first time out." 

"The speed, consistency, and craftsmanship of Lazer Chassis leave absolutely nothing to be desired, and we are proud to be the southern dealer for them."

Taylor Griffith
Northeast, Georgia

1 "I have been racing a Lazer Chassis since 2010. Not only do I love the cars, they are top of the line, but I also love the support that I get from the Bernheisel team. If I ever need anything or have any question they are there and willing to help, in any way they can. Their customer service is top notch. I will, with confidence purchase another Lazer Chassis when I upgrade again."

Jared Hoerle
Chambers, Nebraska
1 "We ran our first Lazer in 2013 and we have been in them ever since. The cars are fast right out of the box. From day one we got some of the best customer service anyone could ask for.  These cars are designed and engineered with the best quality. When we take a Lazer to the track we know we always have a chance for the win, not only from the great chassis, but also from the set-up advice and shock department that the entire staff contributes to. The most underrated quality of Lazer is they go out of their way to appreciate their customers by congratulating on victories, and remembering who you are every time you call in with questions. They really make you feel like an important member of the Lazer Chassis team. Bridge Racing is looking forward to a long future with Lazer Chassis."

Jake Bridge
Waverly, NE
1 "Since I began Late Model racing Jim and Brandon have supported me and given me the best-and-most consistent piece of equipment I have ever owned. Lazer Chassis and Bernheisel Race Cars are second to none when it comes to the Dirt Late Model world. From the fabrication, to the shock department, their quality hands down cannot be beat anywhere else. They build for quality not quantity. Whether your budget is $5,000 or $25,000 they will get you the support you need to be competitive at any level of competition. Everyone says racing costs keep rising but Lazer Chassis is trying to keep it affordable and competitive at the same time and it's why we keep coming back every time."

Devin Frey
Myerstown, PA
1 "After many years of success in stock cars in North Central, PA, we decided to move up to the Late Model division for 2017. To be honest, looking underneath the back of those cars with all the possible adjustments and changes had us scratching our heads.

As I researched different chassis manufacturers to compare quality, price and customer support, it became clear to me that Jim Bernheisel and the folks at Bernheisel Race Cars really care about their customers. Jim's personal input from the purchase of a chassis to his guidance on set up was invaluable to our success. The car was so responsive. When we wanted a set up for a certain type of track or surface, we went to their chassis guide and we were in the ball park.
For those new to late model racing, the Lazer Chassis Seminar in January is a must. 

We ran 31 shows in 2017. In the end we had 12 feature wins, 20 qualifying heat wins and two track championships. Very happy that we went with a Lazer and Bernheisel Race Cars."

Dan Surra
Kersey, PA
"I would like to thank Jim and Brandon Bernheisel and the entire BRC staff for their continued support and know how since I started racing Dirt Late Models in 2010. I can honestly say that Lazer chassis has put my focus on winning. Thank you again Jim and Brandon for making the experience of going to the track enjoyable week after week with Lazer Chassis."

Sean Merkel
Boyertown, PA
"Jim Bernheisel and the whole crew at Lazer Chassis have been a pleasure to work with for the last 10 years! The quality of the products is truly second to none and the personal service is AMAZING! Our program has greatly improve and we couldn’t be any HAPPIER!!"

Jim Fairbanks (Car Owner)
Spring Lake, MI
"I've been in these cars since 2007, racing both Super Late Models and Crate Late Models. Hands down these are the best cars I've ever driven. You actually drive the car, the car doesn't drive you! Once I jumped in my Lazer, I immediately sold my other brand car. Gone are the days of "drive it like you stole it". The customer service at Lazer is second to none, just like their craftsmanship! Feel free to call me any time, and I'd be happy to talk to anyone interested in purchasing a new Lazer."

Mike Hendren
Hendren's Race Engines
Rutherfordton, NC
"After several years of racing in other classes, I decided to switch to Late Models in 2016. Everyone at BRC/Lazer Chassis welcomed me with open arms, and they were instrumental in getting me on an accelerated course of learning everything about late model components and setups. The Lazer Chassis seminar is second to none! After the first race night, Jim and I addressed what I was feeling in the car, and by the following week I was standing in victory lane! Every time that I have asked for setup support, the suggestions have been spot on.  My Lazer Chassis is by far the most responsive racecar to changes that I have ever driven, which makes it ideal for ever-changing track conditions.  Lazer took me from being brand new to Late Models, to 11 wins and a track championship in 1 season! Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran driver, Lazer has the knowledge and equipment to put your team on a path to success!"

Chad Homan
Macedon, NY